Friday, 29 October 2010

Video: Reggie Grooms Mimi

Proper post later this evening - a Lush review. I just had to post this. No joke, seeing this made me tear up a little bit. SO CUTE!


  1. Very cute - if my 3 do that to each other there always ends up a fight between 2 or 3 of them! Jan x

  2. Aw bless 'em! It's a dominance thing isn't it? Reggie doesn't particularly like my housemate's cat but he cleans him excessively. Housemate's cat will try to get away, he gets pinned down and cleaned.

    I was just happy to see this because all these two have been doing since Mimi arrived was hiss and spit at each other!


  3. How lovely! Glad they're getting on now! My two do groom each other, but they also like to fight as well. Sometimes when we tell them off for fighting, one will get the other in a headlock and violently groom her. It's like they're saying "look we're just grooming". So cute! x

  4. You've got to let them have a scrap every now and then. Just how kittys work! When you've got more than one cat it's always funny to watch them interact.


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