Saturday, 16 October 2010

Review: Lush Calavera Bath Ballistic

While I relaxed with some quality time with the TV and a cup of tea, John had a bath with the limited edition Calavera bath ballistic yesterday which symbolises the Day of the Dead festival. Here's his review.


What Lush say:

"When Jack reinvented the bath ballistic, he came up with this spooky bomb that symbolised the Day of the Dead festival. He used marigold petals to give it an authentic feel and gave it a kick with essential oil pressed from the juicy lime, a Mexican favourite with food and alcohol.

Calavera changes colour and looks like a magical, eerie celebration in the water – just like the extraordinary celebrations that happen in Mexico. Stock up while you can, it won’t be around forever.

Lime oil has a sharp, fresh, zesty scent. As with all citrus fruit, this fragrant oil is considered a top note, which means it evaporates first and it is therefore the first note that your olfactory system picks out of a blend."

When I first got into the bath I noticed a strong citrusy smell which was prominent but not overpowering. My number one thing was that it didn't smell of toilet cleaner which many citrusy products can do. When it came to washing myself, I found the little flower petals were quite annoying as they stuck to my skin and wouldn't come off without scratching them off. However, this was not a huge issue as I felt clean and my skin didn't feel tight but felt moisturised. Overall I felt very relaxed during and after my bath.

Photo from Lush.

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