Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tag: 4 Things

I nicked this from Katie's blog. Go and have a look at her answers and perhaps write a post of your own!

Four things in my bag

1. Lizzy Arden 8 Hour Cream - my face dies if I don't have this.
2. Tigger pen - don't even ask.
3. Nose stud - I haven't had my nose pierced for about 6 years...so...? It's new as well!
4. The Fashion Book - I like the pretty pictures.


Four things in my purse

1. Shakeaway card #3. If you know what Shakeaway is, you know why this is just as important as a Boots card.
2. A prayer I've had since I was around 9. My mum gave it to me.
3. Christmas stamps from last year. Yep...that's how often I send letters!
4. Bobby pins.


4 things in my bedroom

1. A painting I did a few years ago.
2. A Christmas wreath I'm making - drying it out at the moment but it'll have extra things put on it.
3. A grapefruit scented candle I picked up for like 60p at Lidl. It smells lovely. The mug it's in is from Ikea.
4. A bundle of homegrown wheat - I'll be weaving this into coasters/placemats if I ever decide to open an Etsy store.


4 things that I've always wanted to do

1. Live in Brazil.
2. Know what it's like to be blind.
3. Eat Fugu (blow fish).
4. Slice malt loaf without squishing it. This picture is complete LIES!


4 things I'm currently into

1. Lush baths - especially now it's getting colder, I'm bringing bubble bars and bath ballistics back into my life.
2. Raspberry leaf tea for period cramps. Tastes strange but it really works girls! In fact, I'll include a box in my giveaway.
3. Vitamins!
4. Chatting to people online! I used to find this so boring but I really enjoy it now. I love connecting with people I wouldn't speak to/see in everyday life. Like to talk? ME TOO! Tweet me @ricewarrior or email me at chrissydee1011@hotmail.co.uk


4 things I bet you dont know about me

1. I was engaged for a total of 6 days when I was 18. Worst. Decision. Ever.
2. I can't stand having the backs of my knees touched. Not long after John and I got together, I punched him in the face because he grazed over them by accident. I didn't really do it on purpose either - reflex. (Obvs. couldn't find a relevant photo for this so here's some nice legs)
3. I really really like peanut butter and tomatoes. Together. In a sandwich. Toasted. That's what lifes all about.
4. I am mixed race (Eurasian) - this is me Ma & Pa.


Four songs I can't get out of my head

1. After reading that - Kylie's CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD! Thanks. Hahah.
2. Rolling Stones - Angie
3. That Justin "I'm on my period" Beiber song...baby baby baby whatevershutupplease. It's just in there! It won't stop!
4. UmbrellaELLAELLAELLAELLAELLAELLA. I've had this song in my head for like...3 years now.


I promise, I'm not a complete lunatic...aaand there go the followers...COME BACK! 4 more of you guys and I'm posting my 25 followers giveaway! Next ones 50, then 100, then 200 and so on. If I ever get there!

Have an excellent week wherever you are!

Chrissy xx

***Some photos were Googled for - if there are any issues with them, please contact me and I'll remove them right away***


  1. ahh! I'm glad you did this post! Yours was SO interesting to read!! I loved seeing the things you had in your bedroom - very creative!! And I love Lush baths too :)


  2. Lush is where it's at right now. Their xmas goodies are divine!

    I only wish I was as creative as this post makes me out to be haha.

    Thanks for reading love xx

  3. hahaha fugu! I'm so into lush as well haha love it

    check out my blog and bare escentuals giveaway!



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