Sunday, 10 October 2010

Project 5 Pan

Starting myself on P5P at the request of the boyfriend. Only because he doesn't know about Project 10 Pan! After I pick up my Venemous Villains buys on Tuesday - that's it - no makeup purchases until I finish up 5 products (with the exception of the 2 new Sleek palettes out on the 27th - I've already cleared that with him!) I've also decided not to include skincare and bath products as I go through those quite quickly.

What will I be finishing off?



1. Revlon ColorStay Foundation - I reckon there's about 1/4 of a bottle left.

2. Armani Silk Foundation Powder - Have most definitely hit pan...and then some. It's not cheating - just a little head start! I'll be using this as a bronzer/contour as it was my summer foundation and a little dark for me.

3. Lush None Of Your Beeswax lip balm - About 1/2 left. I lost this and just found it in a bag I last used in the summer! Which is why it melted and has now set funny.

4. UDPP - I think there's about 1/3 left.

5. Biotherm eyeshadow duo - Still lots left. Will have to use this baby every day. Luckily, I love these shadows. Any recommendations for jazzing up a couple of neutral shadows?

I'm also trying to use up the embarassing collection of samples I've managed to hoard for the last few months - inspired by The Bristol Beauty Blog's Sample Sunday posts! Though I've not yet received a reply about donating them to Give and MakeUp. If you haven't heard of these lot yet, do check them out. It's a wonderful cause and a brilliant way for us to give some of the products we don't use to those who need it. As long as they meet hygine requirements (anything - used - with a wand is a no-no, I'd also include all glosses in a tube) you can send them in. If you'd like to help out, head over to their blog and get in touch!

Have you ever done P5P or P10P? Are you planning to? How did it go? I'm scared!

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