Thursday, 15 November 2012

I'm moving! Blog Sale!

I apologise for how crude this is laid out, I'm a little short on time.

I've been MIA for what...years? I've been concentrating on work and my family and I'll be honest, I have felt less than inspired. I still love my beauty products, but I don't shop like I used to. I'm focussed on finding one of each product that works for me and I'm sticking by them. So's going well!

I'm moving in with my boyfriend in a couple weeks so I'm having to get rid of a lot of stuff for space and extra funds. If you have any questions please please email me. Feel free to make offers as well!

Works as always - first come first serve. Email me your Paypal email address and I will invoice you.

Prices include P&P. If buying more than one item I'm happy to combine P&P.

 Hope you're all well!!!

 MAC Venomous Villains Briar Rose Beauty Powder Used twice UK - £14 Intl - £16 Photobucket
 Kate eyeshadow palette UK - £3 Intl - £5 Photobucket
MAC 189 foundation brush UK - £16 Intl - £18 Photobucket
MAC Venomous Villains Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Truth & Light (sorry about the blurry mess!) 50% left UK - £7 Intl - £9
  Pixi single eyeshadow in Champagne Glow Used twice UK - £ 2 Intl - £4 Photobucket
 Sleek Pout Paint in Pinkini Brand new, sealed UK - £2 Intl - £4 Photobucket
 Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III NYC palette Eyeshadows only UK - £17 Intl - £19 Photobucket
 Accessorize union jack purse Brand new with tag UK - £2 Intl - £4 Photobucket
Bellapierre loose metallic eyeshadow in Celebration New, sealed UK - £9 Intl - £11 Photobucket
 Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero New (mini) UK - £5 Intl - £7

Laura Mercier matte eyshadow duo in Cocoa Rose Used a handful of times, comes with original box UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
Illamasqua eyeshadow in Maybe? Swatched, comes with original box UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
Illamasqua eyeshadow in Fallen Used a handful of times, comes with original box UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
 Accessorize nail polish in Purple Dream Brand new in box UK - £2 Intl - £4 Photobucket
 Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II Eyeshadows only UK - £17 Intl - £19 Photobucket
 Stila Lipstick in Traci Comes with orignal box UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
 NARS mini multiples in Orgasm & Malibu Used but plenty left, comes with original box (minus Luxor, which I used the heck out of!) UK - £14 Intl - £16 Photobucket
 MAC Venomous Villains lipstick - Innocence, Beware! Comes with original box UK - £7 Intl - £9 Photobucket 
Illamasqua single eyeshadow in Sister Swatched, comes with original box UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
Illamasqua nail polish Viridian - brand new in box UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket 
Cargo Beach Blush - Echo Beach Comes in original box UK - £5 Intl - £7 Photobucket
 Stila tinted moisturiser Brand new in box Medium 01 UK - £5 Intl - £7 Photobucket
 3 Sample sized Urban Decay Primer Potions UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
 MeMeMe Little Angels Collection - Brand new Benefit dupes! UK - £10 Intl - £12 Photobucket Photobucket
 Sleek Pout Paints Lava, Pinkini, Minx, Cloud 9 - new, sealed UK - £8 Intl - £10 Photobucket
 MAC 30ml Strobe cream - brand new UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
 Stila eyeshadow single in Nanda Devi Matte brown UK - £3 Intl - £5 Photobucket
Soap & Glory lipgloss in Pink Apricot New UK - £2 Intl - £4 Photobucket
 Laura Mercier Natural Lips lip pencil Brand new UK - £7 Intl - £9 Photobucket Photobucket
Lord & Berry lipstick and lipgloss Naturelle (lipstick) Skin Enchantment (lipgloss) Brand new in box UK - £8 Intl - £10

 Models Own Smash Up nail polish Pink (new), Orange (new) and Silver (used once) UK - £7 Intl - £9 Photobucket
 Too Faced shadows UK - £6 Intl - £8
Sleek Monaco eyeshadow palette - Brand new in box UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
 Sleek Curacao eyeshadow palette - Brand new in box UK - £6 Intl - £8 Photobucket
 Laura Mercier Celebration face palette - comes with original box Lightly used UK - £25 Intl - £27 Photobucket
Stila eyeshadow quad - one shadow broken so has been re-set, but one shadow has overlapped another. UK - £6 Intl - £7
Stila gel bronzer, 50ml, brand new in box UK - £4 Intl - £6 Photobucket

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wherever you are...

Please stay safe. Tonight seems to be quiet around my area, but two blocks away, our local shops are in ruins and many lives have been destroyed. If there are clean up operations in your area, please consider giving your time.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Review: Johnson's Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Pads

I've been on the hunt for an inexpensive eye makeup remover that doesn't sting my eyes or give that uncomfortable cloudy feeling that needs a good rinse and several hundred blinks to get rid of. I ventured into Simple products, great for the no stinging but I still got cloudy peepers. Until I found these, I stuck with good old fashioned baby wipes but didn't like that sometimes, when I'd been particularly heavy handed with the eyeliner I'd have to scrub and it would mean sore, raw patches in the corners of my eyes. Not ideal when you're trying (ok, half trying) to look fresh faced and awake for work, especially as concealer refused to stay on!

I nipped into Tescos one evening to buy some broccoli *cough doublechocolatefudgeicecream* and saw a load of Johnson's skincare products were on offer at 2 for £4 so I picked up a tub of these and some face wash for the fella (he's got very picky skin, but I like to use him to test products) and whilst the face wash only mildly impressed (great for everyday, mild exfoliation for combo/dry skin - does nothing if you've got problem or oily skin) these pads were an absolute gem.


You get 30 pads in a tub and one is easily enough to remove even the heaviest makeup on both eyes, though it does say to use one for each, I just turn it over. I gently swipe downwards, open my eyes and gently swipe side to side and it loosens and removes all my eye makeup. It does require a quick going over with a baby wipe or a quick rinse as it does smudge very heavy product but it gets it all off with no irritation whatsoever.

The fragrance is minimal and is pleasant and while the moisture it gives the eyes is in my opinion insufficient, it's nice not to feel like your lashline is sticking to the hood of your eye halfway through your cleansing routine. Absolutely keep using an eye cream. I've noticed my lashes are shinier (?) too.

I highly recommend these pads and I've already repurchased while they're still on offer. I've tried a dozen eye makeup removers from Lancome to Superdrug's own brand and this kicks them all off my bathroom shelf.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review: MUFE HD Foundation

I believed in the hype, I shelled out and received the hype in my grubby little hands and smeared the hype all over my face. I liked it!



The foundation's consistency is not runny, but certainly fluid enough to move quickly. It does not dry particularly fast so it is not necessary to work quickly.

MUFE HD foundation claims to be an undetectable, oil free medium to full coverage foundation with easy application. I initially used my fingers to apply the foundation and found that even with the sheer layer, I got decent coverage and did not need to use my usual amount of concealer. When applied with my (NBF) Beauty Blender, I got full but natural coverage without the weighty mask feeling. I used concealer sparingly on particularly difficult blemishes, if at all. I did not find this foundation broke down or oxidised on my skin, however I did notice some oils peeping through at around 6pm (I usually slap-up at 8am, de-slap at 9pm) so this was still impressive. With some great oil control powder, it lasted my whole 13 hour day. If I know I won't be wearing makeup for more than 6 hours, I will not set with a powder and topped with some gel bronzer and cream blush, I really love the dewy finish us oily skinned girls sometimes long for, but mostly can't risk! It's a fantastic foundation and I would absolutely repurchase.

My one and only gripe is the packaging. I do not like. You can't tell when you're about to run out, the pump has very little control so I find myself wasting half a pump (at least) each time I use the product and my usual thrifty (ok...CHEAP) self cannot open the bottle up to scoop out the last of the product.

All in all, the product itself is fantastic. If there was a way to transfer it to another container, it would certainly be my go-to foundation.

Have you tried HD? What are your thoughts?

Monday, 11 July 2011

What I've Been Using: June

Shampoo: Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day
Conditioner: Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Therapy
Styling Products: None!
Shower Gel: Lush Happy Hippy
Body Moisturiser : Body Shop Mango body butter
Deodorant: Cheapo cotton fresh anti perspirant
Face Wash: Mario Badescu Glycolic Cleanser
Exfoliator: None.
Primer: None.
Foundation Brush: Beauty Blender sponge
Foundation: MUFE HD
Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear
Powder: Boots 17 Shine Control Pressed Powder
Blusher: MAC Blonde MSF
Bronzer: Stila gel bronzer
Highlighter: Nars Luxor
Eyeshadow Base: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadows: SLEEK!
Eyeliner: elf duo shadow/liners
Mascara: Fiberwig
Lipstick: None
Lipgloss: Lord & Berry
Nail Colour: Barry M 296 Coral

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Collective Haul: April - June

Looking at the products laid out in front of me, I've not been buying a great deal over the past few months. It felt like I had but a lot of what I purchased were replacement products. I've also been investing more in clothes after havi a mad eBay clear out. I bought the most lovely Nicole Farhi silk top (I used it as a fabric background in this post) which I think I'll wear to death this summer. Also picked up a handful of maxi dresses which I tend to live in during the "warmer" months - whatever that means in the UK . Mostly, I've been saving. Mostly...


A few bits from Space NK. I haven't tried the new cleanser yet, I'm finishing up my Mario Badescu products (which I'll be honest, are not amazing. Stand out products are the buffering lotion and whitening mask. I didn't like the moisturiser at all and the cleansers were alright but quite drying)I also picked up a Nars blush in Deep Throat, Sheer Glow foundation and Shu Uemura Nobara foundation. Both are great and give good coverage while remaining light on the skin. Sheer Glow's coverage really surprised me! If I need to build it up, I use a Beauty Blender sponge (another I-love product) to stipple it on. Perfect.


A handful of things to try from I'm excited about adding a toner to my skincare routine again. I haven't used a toner since Lush's Tea Tree Water and miss the squeaky clean feeling you get afterwards.


After scouring blogs and eBay, I'm 1 (Oh So Special - I didn't include the new Curacao palette as I just bought that today) palette away from completing my Sleek collection. If interested, I'll do a large review/swatch catalogue of all the Sleek palettes past and present.


I broke my nail polish ban and went a little nuts...the two Illamasqua nail polishes were STUNNING and I bought two of each to send to a couple of my friends. Perfect for a vampy night out. The Barry M colours are beautiful summer brights - the coral is by far my favourite. Seche Vite is hands down, amazing. Ah-may-zing. My nail colour lasts a good week without any major chips despite me working with my hands a lot.


I bought a few Soap & Glory products, one of which was the boddy butter seen and the other was a facial scrub and shower gel. LOVE the shower gel, LOVE the body butter, a little unsure about the scrub. It kind of burns my skin when it's meant to give a tingly sensation. The boy loves it so as far as I'm concerned he can have it! I'm giving one of these body butters away soon :)

Check out the adorable mini High Beam and Posie Tints free with Glamour magazine! Didn't get Benetint as I've got the full size, but aw, so cute!

I purchased (IMPULSE) a couple of MAC shadows - Vellum and Beauty Marked. Beauty Marked really stands out to me, it's dark but really brightens up the eyes. Vellum is a fab highlighter on the cheeks and cupids bow.

I'm also giving away a couple of Lord & Berry glosses that I bought a while back. I loved it so much I went back and picked up two. The perfect shade for any skintone, lovely texture and I actually like the smell of them. They're not MAC vanilla scented, but they're not plastic/playdough scented either! The lipstick I am less crazy about (weird considering I'm not much of a gloss girl) The New CID products, I've yet to try out yet but I'm excited about them. I've dangerously fallen in love with Illamasqua eyeshadows. They're dense, apply very well and stay vibrant until you take them off. I recently bought this matte purple called Fallen.



Recently, the fella and I went down to Brighton for a couple of days. We stayed in a beautiful hotel by the beach front and whilst pebble beaches aren't my favourite, I had a wonderful time. While having breakfast on the beach, we had a little debate on whether pebble or sand beaches are better. My argument was that you could build sandcastles on sand John made a stone castle which he said was "more realistic" so better. I'd still rather get sand up my butt any day. Pebble beaches hurt right?!


I made some divine (if I may say so myself) lavender and lavender and lemon cupcakes (with my own recipe for lemon curd). So light you don't feel too guilty for eating more than one!

I've got reviews planned: MUFE HD foundation, Mario Badescu (the week-by-week thing didn't work out because honestly...I wasn't getting the results I'd hoped for but there are some great produts within the range) and a new foundation routine. I'm hoping to start pre-writing posts during the weekend as I'm so busy during the week. Though lately my weekends have been pretty crazy too! We'll see...but I miss blogging a lot! Thanks so much for reading!
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