Saturday, 23 October 2010

Introducing a new member of the family...


This is our little Mariah aka Mimi. She's the most precious black kitten with faint brown tiger stripes which you can only see in certain light. We brought her home last night and she's settling in well but Reggie seems to be scared of her despite her being about 1/3 of the size of him! He's not impressed. But they both need time! She hasn't "adopted" either of us yet but I'm hoping she'll lean more towards me as Reggie has nominated John as "his".

Really happy Reggie finally has a new playmate!

1 more follower until I start my giveaway! Fingers crossed I can post it tonight!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.



  1. aww super cute..and even a pink polish fan too :D x

  2. Beautiful kitten! She seems friendly after only one day! Our two girls hid under the bed for about 3 days before they began to trust us! xx

  3. Aw bless! Reggie was like that too. He only ever came out when we put food down for him and even then we had to put it next to the bed! He's always been a bit of a scatty one but since we've had him he's been much better. He warms to new people quicker. Mimi is really chilled.

  4. so cute! i dont know how people cant say they arent cat people.. look at her!


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