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Review: Lush Winter Bath Ballistic

This evening I decided to stay in. Yes, it's a Friday night but we're still in the middle of saving money plus I'll be honest with you; I just don't know many people in London. When I stay in, I relax with a bath and a Dexter marathon. This evening, Winter Bath was picked from my Lush drawer. These are my thoughts on this product.


What Lush say:

"Creamy Spice Bath

Everyone needs a good, hot winter bath every once in a while to keep the cold at bay, but they can dry your skin out if they are too hot. That's where we step in with our Winter Bath ballistic

Soya Milk

This ballistic is actually made with a little of our bath melt mixture, too, to keep skin moisturised. We've also mixed in some soothing, softening soya milk powder, which disperses in the water to create a milky bath


Ginger has traditionally been used in ancient remedies as a way of stimulating and warming the skin, as well as improving circulation.

Inspired by Noriko

Noriko and Mark worked on this one together, taking inspiration from Japanese bathing traditions. There are spicy ginger oils and clove bud to warm your body and get your circulation pumping again. You'll be hot blooded again in no time."

I do like this ballistic, but I don't love it. It smells pleasant; soothing and calming, but I didn't feel as moisturised as I thought I would be. I'm used to bubble bars and bath ballistics making the water silky smooth. Whilst my bath water appeared milky (a sort of light milky turquoise) it didn't feel it.

I could certainly smell the ginger, it was the first scent that hit me. This is a very earthy ballistic so if you're into sweet smells, I'd steer clear. Next I noticed how lovely my muscles felt. Very relaxed and loose. I'd imagine this would be fantastic for when you've got the flu.

This is probably totally irrelevant but this bath ballistic fizzed much slower than any other I've used before and didn't dissolve completely. It left a piece about the size of a Malteser. It was actually quite nice not to see it rushing around the bath!

Have you bought and tried any of the Christmas products this year? What are your must haves? I recently received Christmas Eve and Lil Lush Pud. Both are amazing products!

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  1. Great review! I've been treating myself to loads of baths recently! I love getting all warm and cozy in winter! I'm funny with smells though...don't like anything sickly sweet or spicy and strong! This one sounds like it might be ok for me! xxx

  2. This one isn't overly spicy - think of sushi minus the fish and plus a hint of that generic Lush smell when you walk into the store. Best way I can describe it really!
    Thanks for reading Nic xx

  3. Awesome review and although you dont love this bath bomb even just the description of the smell has kinda make me wanna give it a try!

    I've been watching the pennies and havent bought a single thing from Lush in ages so I intend to treat myself sometime soon. It's my birthday tomorrow (or should that be today?) so I think that's the perfect excuse. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)

  4. Thanks very much for reading honey! And happy birthday!! Hope you're doing something fun!

    It smells lovely, I'm just not the biggest fan of how it made my skin feel in comparison to the rest of the bath ballistics & bubble bars I've tried. It's a cheap one too, I think it was 1.95. Let me know what you think if you decide to get it!

    Chrissy xx

  5. Really made me want to take a bath now, but I've only a shower at the min. BodyShop has a spiced vanilla range out and I really like the new twist on a classic scent.

    Also, I really don't understand the need to go out every single Friday. No need to feel embarrassed about it!

  6. Hi Cassie!

    Throughout my uni days I didn't have a bath. I used to go to my friend's houses and use theirs! So I get how you feel. I used to wonder whether I could just put a plug in the drain but then I'd just be sitting in a puddle on my shower floor and that's not right is it?!

    Not so much embarrassed, I still feel weird about it. I used to go out a lot but since I moved here, not so much.

    Thanks for reading! xx

  7. Great review, it almost swayed me.. but it is not for me, baths just exhaust me, I am there thinking, too hot, do I lie right down or sit up? when do I wash myself? Now I am sitting in dirty water, perhaps I should have showered first? And I feel too old for Lush, the smell whenever I go past just makes me gag. Thanks for this though. Jan x

  8. im going to lush tomorrow to get some of their christmas items. this one sounds nice. i can't wait to have a nice relaxing bath tomorrow night and de-stress. I need one these days.

  9. You guys are so lucky, we don't have Lush here :(

  10. I was very glad to read that your muscles were also really relaxed too! I used this one tonight and I could feel my leg muscles (the only part that I was really able to soak this time) were very relaxed. It was a nice scent and I should have checked your review before I used it (since you said it would be good for if you were sick!) I would have waited until I was sick to use it!! :) Thanks for such a detailed review!


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