Saturday, 6 November 2010

I have made a decision...

I am going to conquer my fear of eyelash curlers and false lashes. I am going to add some lash curlers to my Christmas wishlist and attempt falsies this week.

BTW - Actual fear. Not a joke.

I've spoken about this quite a few times on my blog and whenever I read my posts out to myself in my head, I become aware of how insane slash ridiculous I am.

So that's it. I've decided.

Last time I tried (and failed) using a lash curler, I cried for 25 minutes and had to lay down.

I'm so doing this you know.

When I last had falsies applied, they ripped out half my eyelashes when I removed them. Yes, I used eye makeup remover and soaked them. Made no difference.

So yeah...I'm doing this.

If you don't see a post from me in the next few days, I'm probably sat in a corner somewhere hyperventilating with a pair of lash curlers and falsies in the middle of the room.


  1. Good luck hun, id be lost without my false lashes and curlers. Let us know how it go's x

  2. Hahahah sorry i dont mean to laugh at your fears! I love my eyelash curlers but i used to be afraid of them when some evil person told me that if you squeezed too hard it would chop all of your eyelashes off! I now know this is not true... lol

  3. Use Duo lash adhesive - it is the most gentle lash glue that I've used. Also, try to get lashes that have a thin strip along the base so that you do not have to apply as much glue. MAC ones fit the bill. Hope this helps :) good luck!

  4. @nicoletta Thank you hun! I will do...and will try to post pics unless of course it all ends in an A&E visit because I've poked an eye out or something.

    @Aoife Laugh away hun. I know how stupid it is! Hahaha.

    @ifoundpablo Thanks for the advice love! xx

  5. I use to have the same fear as you. One day I just decided to buy a curler and some falsies and have a go at it. I still need practice on the falsies more but I learned to LOVE the curler. I didn't have any pain at all though, I can understand how it would make you fearful though. Good luck, hope it works out for you!

  6. Good luck - there are some extremely helpful vids on youtube about how to use - there was one by someone who had the *fear* and it taught me (a seasoned eyelash curler user, so much so that I have 2 Shu Uemuras and a Shiseido one, should I be admitting to this??)so much, if I can remember the link/vid I will send it to you. Jan x

  7. you dont need lash curlers!! a less damaging way to open up the look of your eyes is to hold your finger gently against lashes after applying mascara and press them up and back for about 5 seconds! try it and see :)

    also clinque high impact curling mascara is ace too for wide eyes, good luck! x

  8. @artsavesyou Glad I'm not the only one!

    @BristolBeauty @Jan Thanks loves! Will desperately need the luck. Am going to pick up some lash glue on tuesday and give it a go.

    @Emma I used to do this but because of my hooded lids, mascara always transfers and it was irritating having to wipe it off! :( thanks so much for the advice though!

    Pretty lucky I've got lashes that naturally curl upwards anyway but in the name of vanity, I'll do this.


  9. the false lashes are hell! It did the sme thing to me unfortunately T_T half of my lashes were gone and it grew back weeks later.
    Oh, the first time I tried the eyelash curler was hectic, I kept pulling my eyelid ^^ but I got there in the end.I wish you good luck!!

  10. I hate eyelash curlers so much. I've tried several now and none of them work for me. I've poker straight lashes as a typical Chinese and somehow my eye shape doesn't fit exactly.

    Last time I tried curling, the lashes on the inner corners got bent and pushed into my eyes, irritating them so much I had to pluck it out!! *sob* I refuse to part with any more lashes, but good luck to you! I totally get your irrational fear :D

  11. lol...its really not that bad i promise. everyone is always surprised when i curl their lashes and it doesn't hurt. maybe get a colourful pink one or something so it will entice you to use it.

  12. aww lol recently invested in a pair of falsies from POUNDLAND!! =D they are the only pair that i have managed to apply successfully lol and the glue doesn't go hard when it dries either (Y) xx

  13. How did this work out for you? I'm not "Afraid" of those things, I just suck at using them - canNOT use falsies, and always pinch my lids when I use curlers (my lashes' fault though for being so short >.<)

  14. Oh boy, good luck... I share some of your fears so I am looking forward to you conquering them! I got the cutest blingbling fake eyelashes but I am pretty much scared shitless to actually put them on for new year's. I hope I will follow you on your courageous breakthrough!


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