Saturday, 6 November 2010

Haul: Lush & Glamour (and rambling)

After a particularly traumatic experience on the tram home from work (when you're wedged between 2 sweaty, dusty builders guts and a 14 year old kid who thinks wearing 4 gallons of eau de Lynx will bring all the girls to the'd think it was traumatic too) I decided to pop into Lush and pick up a few relaxants.

I hold my hands up: I've never bought anything from their Karma range. The scent always interested me but for some reason I never purchased anything. It may have been because everyone raves about it and I didn't want to be let down. Shame on me. I digress.


I bought Karma bubble bar, Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds bubble bar and Happy Blooming bath melt. Then had a chat with the Lush staff since the place was empty. Strange for a late-night-shopping Thursday evening.

I also browsed through WHSmiths and picked up a couple of Glamour magazines. You'll know by now that this month's Glamour is offering a free Nails Inc polish. I got Hampstead Heath and Jermyn Street. It wouldn't be a trip to 'Smiths without picking up chocolate they ever so sneakily line the queues with. I got a Minty Terry's Chocolate Orange and a White Chocolate Smasher. The white chocolate one was gone by the time we got home...hence the pic of the wrapper...

We then hot footed it to Superdrug to pick up a Bad Girl palette for Alicia and I saw they had my favourite deodorant on offer at 99p! Swiped up two of those. It's more or less the only product I can use from Dove's entire range.

Oh! And how crappy did I feel when I went along with my boyfriend and his little brother to donate blood. I sat in the corner with my magazines and chocolate, smelling of Lush and wearing some ridiculously overpriced boots like the selfish, materialistic, non-blood-donating person I am...and the bloke signing people in looks up and says "Would you like to come and sign in love?" AHH! " I'm just waiting, thank you." What I should've said is "I'm a terrible person who's going to sit here, read her magazines and keep her blood all to herself!" I haven't donated blood since the first time I did it at 18. The nurse taking it coughed all over me and didn't tell me what was going on at all. I then passed out as soon as I left the church hall. The NHS seem to have stepped up their game so in a few months time when they go and donate again, I'll make an appointment too.

Where do you go or what do you do to relax after a stressful day? For me: a bath, the TV and a box of old photographs is hands down my favourite way to unwind.


  1. Free nails inc? Thanks for letting me know! I am so there! I need to get some Sleek too today.

    How do I unwind? A cuppa rooibos a book and switch my phone OFF!!

  2. Can't beat a cuppa!

    They've also got a dark brown (or red) colour and a dusky pink. Really want the dark brown one!


  3. ...I try and relax with home-made hot chocolate with marshmallow. uhhm yum just think bout it makes me want one. but yeah then I take the whole day to treat myself, with bubble bath, pedicure, manicure, facial.

    do it yourself makes it even more fun realising what you can do, while watching gossip girl, sex and the city (your favourite series) etc.

    thanks for the heads up on the Free nails inc.


  4. Tea tea and more tea oh and a magazine and a bar of chocolate or a piece of cake, + telly on in the background. Sympathise re giving blood, nobody can ever fine my veins and they ponder together and prode away and meanwhile I am gradually turning paler and greener - I'm with Tony Hancock they take a whole armful! Jan x

  5. Bobbi J. - I so wish I had the time to relax like that!

    Jan - John's mum is the same, it took them 3 stabs and even more peering to get a vein! In the end they managed to get one in her leg. I so need some cake.

  6. Yay I like the part where you say you got me the bad girl
    I also love those chocolate oranges, they are so good.
    I don't give blood either. It is soooo hard to find my veins and once they do the blood flow stops after a minute or so.


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