Saturday, 18 September 2010

Review: Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

As I've said before, I've had quite a complicated past with Lush Shower Jellies. When I first received one, I was a Lush virgin and didn't know what the hell do to with it! What happened? It disappeared down the plug'ole and I was sad. I believe it was a Christmas one...champagne something? Champagne Snow Showers - good old Google.


What Lush say about Sweetie Pie:

"Sweet and sophisticated fruitiness. Lashings of blackcurrant and bergamot essential oils in a sour cherry and coconut jelly make this about as fruity as you can get. It is incredibly difficult to resist taking a spoonful. Instead, take a handful and smooth it over your hair and body. Passing strangers will smell you and find their minds wandering to fruit pastilles."

When I first used it (after researching how to use them!) I immediately thought of Ribena. The delicious smell of blackcurrant is what first hits you. Inbetween the blackcurrant and the whiff of bergamot...ohh GLITTER! Yes. Glitter. Subtle glitter which doesn't glue itself to your skin once you've rinsed off - a sparkly shower is always good times. I do love this shower jelly; love the scent, love the way it subtly lingers even a few hours later and love that it lasts absolutely ages. I've used it twice a day since I received it about a month and a half ago, closer to two months and it's only just starting to run out. I've got about 4 or 5 showers left in it and it's the small 100g pot.

I've most definitely changed my mind about shower jellies and will be trying more soon. Woosh, you're mine.

How I used it:

Put on some exfoliating gloves, got 'em wet, rubbed a tiny amount (literally about the size of a thumbnail) between my palms and watched it lather right up...then rubbed all over and rinsed off! I find it helps to use the gloves or a loofah, otherwise clumsy young ladies like myself find it slipping and sliding all over the show.

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  1. so THATS how you use the stuff... I was given a free sample a while ago and was absolutely clueless as to how to make it work! Thanks :] and love your reviews~

  2. Thanks girrrl!
    Which sample did you get?


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