Thursday, 16 September 2010

Birthday + Christmas Wishlist

So my birthday is coming up at the beginning of November then right after that is Christmas! I state the obvious...I'm good at that. THEN in January, is John's birthday.

My boyfriend and I have decided to write wishlists that we can pick and choose from and set a budget. He won't mind me saying this: I am excellent at buying him presents. The last gift I got him (bar clothing and random stuff I see that I think he might like...usually involves chocolate) was an Xbox 360. Now he gets me really adorable and thoughtful gifts but they're always things I can't really use in day to day life. So we're going for practical. Practical of course includes makeup. A lot of makeup.

Here we go...


Dolly Mix blush

227 brush

109 brush

Soft Ochre paint pot

Vanilla pan eyeshadow

Wedge pan eyeshadow

Sketch pan eyeshadow

By Candlelight MSF

Myth lipstick

Why not chuck in a couple more pro palettes and a quad. Please. Love you!

Estee Lauder:

Blue Dahlia palette

Miu Miu:

Vitello Lux bag in Nero...long shot but why the frack not eh? I can't seem to find this on sale ANYWHERE online though!

Dolce & Gabbana:

Smooth Eye Colour Duo in Ocean (DROOL!)


Pure Lipstick in Tea Rose


A kitten
Hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat
My own Starbucks
My own shirtless cocktail mixer (even though I don't drink anymore)
My student overdraft paid off
A new phone - a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 would be nice
A shopping spree in Boots...
...then Superdrug

You have exactly one month and 25 days.

THANKS BABY!!! xxxxxxxxx


  1. yes to a kitten for me too :) and everything else! :P <33

  2. Aw! I'd just love a little friend for my cat Reggie.
    Everything else can come later :p


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