Sunday, 26 September 2010

MAC Venomous Villains

When I first heard about this collection in July, I wasn't all that excited about it. Then I saw the preview images and it perked me up a little bit...but I didn't fall in love with anything. I thought the packaging looked like your little sister had put stickers all over your brand new makeup.

The launch date grew closer and I kept thinking about it, and I'm browsing through the various VV haul videos and blog posts that have come out, I'm really liking it.

I'm not the biggest fan of MAC nail polishes. They're pretty colours and some are unique and very interesting but I don't think the formulation is on par with the price so I tend to opt out of purchasing them. However, I do think I'll be picking up Formidable!. Keep it on the down low - I'm meant to be on a ban.

I've also got my heart set on a blush: Bite of an Apple - a matte coral pink, beauty powder in Briar Rose and French Quarter greasepaint stick. My mind will probably change when I see everything in front of me.

Anything you've got your eye on?


  1. Hey girl, I really love your blog. I was readin up on ur Mac venomous Villians and I so agree with you, I have my eyes set on that bite of an apple blush! Do you when it's goin to release in uk? I keep goin online to check but it's not even up yet! :( its gonna sell out quick!!! New follower x

  2. Hey doll
    Thank you! Could do with a few more followers so I really appreciate it.
    I saw somewhere that it was being launched on the 7th and elsewhere I read it was the 30th Sept. I went to MAC in Covent Garden yesterday and didn't see anything - too busy in there to ask - but keep checking online! Occasionally they'll release collections online at midnight so if you're up around then it's worth checking the website before you go to bed.
    I'm not sure we can pre-order here (if not - wish we could) but I know you can on the US site. So annoying!
    Let me know if you decide to get anything!

  3. It's definitely out on the 7th Oct!

  4. So glad you confirmed that, I've seen that some things are already sold out online so I didn't want to miss out when it's in stores!


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