Thursday, 23 September 2010

Forever 21 SHIP TO THE UK!

Yeah, you read correctly.

I might be very, very late in reporting this but I've only just seen this on their website after popping on to have a quick browse.

Shipping rates are quite steep at $34.95 - $44.95 depending on how much you spend. Plus you've got to take into account the customs charges you'll inevitably have to pay. Paying $34.95 for shipping when your purchases can't come to over 18 quid (to avoid that dreaded customs letter from Parcelforce) seems a little silly to me (same reason why I stop myself from ordering from Cherry Culture) so for now I think that if I ever really, really want anything I'll resort to having them bought on my behalf by Jackie. Because we have an agreement. Right? Right.

It's still exciting! I'm thinking of possibly heading up to Birmingham when the F21 store up there opens up but we'll see. Interesting choice for their first store on the other side of the pond. I did hear they were opening one up in Westfield which is much I'll wait.


  1. Bit expensive!
    I love FOTD posts, too. You should defintely do them!

  2. It is isn't it?
    I think I will you know! Probably not every day though.

  3. It is, I shall have to wait & head to the Birmingham store, too.
    Looking forward to them! I don't think most peoples makeup changes too much every day anyway so no need to. :)


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