Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Small (mostly) Urban Decay Haul

I FINALLY managed to get the Naked palette! I know, I know...I'm late...but for whatever reason, my House Of Fraser didn't have an Urban Decay stand and if they did, the sales assistants gave me their usual snotty "naaaaa dunnaaaa" attitude (I live in Croydon...anyone who's been here/watched the news will understand) so I walked out and never went back. A week later, I saw a stand in Boots - almost hidden - and picked up the last one which one cheeky mare had stashed at the back of the stand behind the Big Fatty mascaras and eyeshadows! Since they were having a 3 for 2 offer...of COURSE I gave in and picked up All Nighter and UDPP in Sin. I believe the offer is still going so head down to Boots to take advantage!


Also picked up another MeMeMe Blush Box this time in Rouge. I also have Coral and Pink. Coral is by far my favourite with Rouge coming in a close second.

Hair dye...self explanatory...will try and get John to take photos of the results. I'm dyeing (cringe) to get the red out of my hair. Anyone who has any tips - pleeease share!



I won't post swatches as I'm sure that if you haven't picked up the palette yourself, you've seen 3009 blog posts and YouTube vids about it...but...it's so pretty...

So that's it! Have you bought the Naked palette? Do you love it? Of course you do...

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