Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Review: Toni & Guy Dark Brunette Shampoo + Conditioner

I've had red tinted brown hair for years. No matter how many times I try to get it back to my natural colour (medium, almost light brown) it never goes ashy enough. This is a result of dying my hair an obnoxiously bright red in my mid-teens. I gave up on getting it to a true brown again so I ended up dying my hair red-brown for the remainder of my teens and into the first couple years of my 20's (with a few colour experiments thrown in). Last year, I decided I was going to get my natural hair colour back. I set out on a mission to first bring the muted, ashy tone back then to return it to the correct shade. Nothing worked. Dyes soon faded, colour stripping only helped minimally and nothing short of chopping 3/4 of my hair off would've worked. On a whim, I bought Toni & Guy Dark Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner. At 5.69 each, they're not a bargain but certainly not as wallet crippling as others on the market.


Packaging: Chic, pretty, modern...but utterly impractical for the shower. There's a cap, then there's a pop open dispenser which needs lots of squeezing and shaking to get any product out after a couple of uses. I don't have enough hands or time to be fiddling around with the packaging. I've resorted to completely removing the dispenser and dealing with possible wastage.

The shampoo can be compared to a shimmery tanning product in appearance and the conditioner looks like chocolate mousse. When you rinse your hair clean, the water turns a yellowy brown so just warn anyone you might be showering know?

First wash, I liked the products. My hair was smooth and I did notice it was a little darker and less "red". I'm not a fan of the smell of any Toni & Guy products but it's not overly offensive. Second wash, my hair started to feel weighed down and coated in an almost sticky substance. I put it down to perhaps my hair just getting used to the new products but later realised it was the product itself...and I didn't like it. After getting used to Pantene Aqua Light, this actually made me it feel like my scalp was being tugged on! Both products contain olive oil and are incredibly hydrating but I don't think I love the results enough to deal with the weight of my hair and that odd, almost waxy coating. It's thick enough as it is. I'll continue to use both products until they're gone but won't be repurchasing.

Like the look of the results, but not the feel - certainly not for the price.

Have any of you tried any Toni & Guy products? What are your thoughts?


  1. Yeah i use the Tony & Guy leave-in conditioner, and it works just fine. I blow dry my hair with a brush so that it stays almost straight, and this product tames my hair, and not just for an hour, it lasts till the next time i wash my hair :) that means it really soaks in the hair and replenishes it. I've also used the Tony & Guy heat protectant for awhile now and it does its job. My hair is in a perfect state

  2. i get what you mean i wouldnt say use thick hair types, but i havefine hair and find the product gives my hair a healthy and glossy shine and makes my coloured hair colour last for ages.

  3. I only use the tony&guy dark brunette shampoo, and use a brunette tresemme conditioner. Both are quite heavy on my hair which is what I'm looking for as I have asian type hair which goes hay wire if i use lighter products. I like the results the shampoo gave me and the smell is ok; smells like Kenzo's flower perfume. My hair colour, which is a chestnut/golden brown, looks so much better. My hair is smoother and much more manageable but I can't give the Tony&guy shampoo credit for that because I think its the tresemme conditioner that did it. However, credit goes to the Shampoo for the colour depth It gave my hair. Its kind of expensive in Australia. 16 AUD which is 10 GBP. I will buy again though. Sunsilk and pantene ruined my hair so I'm willing to pay more for better performance and results.


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