Tuesday, 7 December 2010

200 Followers Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Prizes (chosen by you):


- 1 M.A.C permanent line blush of your choice.
- A Surprise!!!
- 2 Lush products of your choice - choose a combination of bath ballistics/bubble bars/shower gels/shower jellies


- You must be a follower of this blog via GFC.
- You cannot enter using a blog account used solely for entering contests and giveaways.
- You cannot enter via Twitter if the Twitter account is solely used for entering contests and giveaways.
- If you're under 18, you must have your parent's permission to give me your address should you win.

How to enter:

1. Comment below with a suggestion on how I can improve my blog. One entry.
2. Read and comment on any one of my previous posts that you haven't seen before. Each counts for one entry.
3. Copy and paste the Tweet below. One Tweet equals one entry.

RT @ricewarrior I'm celebrating 200 Followers with a giveaway! Prizes include MAC, LUSH & more. Enter here: http://bit.ly/hFr1tn

4. Post the photo below in your blog's sidebar with a link to this giveaway. 2 entries.


5. Follow the rules please. I won't publish comment entries that don't as it's unfair on the other entrants.
6. Have fun!

Winner will be chosen at random on 9th January 2011 @ 11pm GMT.

Thank you to those who read my blog, and aren't just here for the giveaways :)

Chrissy xx


  1. Congrats on 200+ folowers!! Following via GFC as Steph

    I'd like to see more haul videos/posts!

    Retweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/ricewarrior/status/12296343687004160

    I'm not sure how to add pictures to the sidebar yet, but would a link count? http://reverie.tyl.cc/



  2. yay great giveaway. enter me please. i will be tweeting.
    i would like to see more tutorials or face looks because thats my favourite type of post to read.

  3. Congratulations! :)

    1. Maybe more reviews on make-up stuff? I'm being really picky, lol I couldn't find much!
    2. Will go comment now! :)
    3. Twitter is here: http://twitter.com/yanammerzzzz

  4. Hi, im already a follower via GFC. =)

    For me, i would like to see more product reviews on various makeup products. To be frank, your post always includes LUSH products and im not a fan of them...so maybe you could try to put more spotlight on other products too. Just an opinion, no offense though. =)

    My email address: naruto_totally_rocks@hotmail.com

    My twitter username: yt_whitewolf

    p/s: im a true reader, not those who rush over for the giveaways only. x)

  5. Oh please enter me!

    I've been following your blog for a while via GFC as Barb. My email is bonjourcocoandaudrey@gmail.com

    Great giveaway!

    Congrats on 200 followers!

    One thing I would absolutely love to see is what you consider the best of UK only beauty. I'll be going soonish and want to know what to get. I'm afraid I might just buy everything lol.

  6. I'm already a follower. : )

    I'd like to see more lifestyle posts, as opposed to beauty-related ones on your blog. It'd be great to see your daily life! Even if it's just photos! :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/jessy757/status/12363563607785472

  8. hey enter me.
    mayb you should post some OOTDs
    i commented hare just now http://chrissydee1011.blogspot.com/2010/12/what-im-currently-using-december.html#comment-form


  9. awesome giveaway :)

    I'm a follower through GFC :)

    I would love to see more FOTDs and reviews because that's what I'm usually into. Oh and I love favourites too :)


    congratz on your 200 followers :)

  10. Another Brilliant Giveaway!!

    gfc: stephanie cummins
    email: stephmcuk@yahoo.co.uk

    I mainly read blogs for reviews of products so i know what to buy and what not to so i would say more reviews!!

    sidebar: http://veryrandomrambles.blogspot.com/

    Happy Christmas!!

  11. Enter me please!
    I don't think there's much you can do post wise- the only thing i'd say is maybe make your layout a bit more 'personal' or your own! And everyone likes reviews!
    I'm follwing through google friend connect :D

    lovelaughlauren[at]live.co.uk xx

  12. Enter me please!
    I love seeing make up hauls :)!



  13. Coucou entre me veuillez
    je suis une adepte par gfc borabora
    je suis membre borabora
    Je trouve que ton blog pourrait etre amélioré avec un peu plus de couleurs.
    j'ai relayée sur http://twitter.com/#!/boraboral
    j'ai écris un commentaire http://chrissydee1011.blogspot.com/2010/12/review-lush-cinders-bath-ballistic.html#comment-form
    merçi bisous

  14. Congrats on 200 subscribers!
    Content-wise, I don't think there needs any improvements, but you could do with a banner for your blog so it looks more professional :)

    I posted your giveaway on my page: http://rinnysbeautydiary.blogspot.com/p/blog-giveaways.html


  15. Hi, I'd love to be entered!
    I'd like to see tutorials and haul posts more. Also, could you please put labels in the sidebar - I think it would make it somewhat easier to navigate as well. :)

  16. Enter me please!

    I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    I would like to see more NOTD, nail polish swatches and some designs. I think you can see where I commented :)

    I blogged about the giveaway here: http://alexa1202.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/Alexa1202/status/12814815613427712


  17. Hi,
    Enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    I like to see more reviews because I love to learn from ather people experience
    I don't have a blog ,sorry.
    Nice giveaway,thank you

  18. 1. You should post about your daily story and activity sometimes, with your FOTD.
    2. Post the photo in my blog's sidebar with a link to this giveaway here.


  19. Hey chick, enter me please!
    Umm nitpicking at how to improve your blog is hard!! Umm would love to see some more of your gohjess face, fotd's etc.
    I put a link in my sidebar toooooo!
    Gfc: LipsTitsTeethHips
    Email: aoife.loughman@hotmail.com
    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on 200+ followers! .x

  20. Enter me please! I'm Bec and I follow via GFC.

    I would love to read more product reviews!

    Tweeted about your giveaway:

    Posted your giveaway in my sidebar:


  21. more FOTD and Review. and Vlog Tutorial Make up will be great.. ;)

    tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/azhezha/status/13840644292218880

    posted on my sidebar: http://sarahazhezha.blogspot.com/

    commented on 4 of your older post..


  22. enter me, i am following via GFC, by the name Rentu
    email: annie.john7@gmail.com
    commented on your older post, lush blackberry bath

    posted on my sidebar, loveyourwoes.blogspot.com, congrats for 200 followers

  23. Enter me, please :)
    I follow you via GFC. I'd like to see more FOTDs and reviews.

  24. wow congrats!
    1)i think really good blogs have something personal about them, it's nice to feel that you know the person a little bit
    2) Read and comment on any one of my previous posts that you haven't seen before. Done

    linked in my sidebar


  25. Congrats :) Improve.. maybe lighter link color on wishlist :)
    Commented on November favorites.

    gfc = Melly

    Added the picture on my blogs sidebar here http://missmellieh.blogspot.com/

  26. Thank you for this giveaway!

    hmmmm.... maybe more makeup reviews?

    GFC: Lara

  27. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

    I'd like to see a little more colour in the blog's design, particularly in the header.

    I tweeted about your giveaway: http://twitter.com/NTFancy/status/17484455526539264

    Kate1485 at hotmail.com

  28. PLEASE enter me! My Name is Hershley's Sweet Kiss! AMAZING giveaway! My Email address is hoge06@yahoo.com
    I am following your blog! I added you give away to my sidebar at : http://sweetkissmessage.blogspot.com/

    I would love to see more hauls and reviews. I commented on other post!

  29. Enter me please!

    I am a follower via GFC (albastikmik)
    Email: miha_blue4you@yahoo.com

    I would like to see more NOTD, LUSH review and swatches . I think you can see where I commented :)i commented today

    I blogged about the giveaway here: http://irreversible-by-albastrik.blogspot.com/2010/12/chrissy-100-and-200-followers-giveaways.html
    If i win i would chosse the MAC my hightland honey
    LUSH ghost shower gel and LUSH candy cane bubble bar
    thank you,xoxo

  30. OK, how to improve your blog … hmm. Branding? Like a new banner custom-designed for your blog? I'm not sure if that's the type of answer you're looking for, but I know a lot of the (hundreds of) blogs I read have custom graphics that make the site look really professional and unique.

    Off to read and comment on your previous posts – I'm new here, so this could take a while ^.^

    Tweeted the Tweet! @erinmacmahon on Twitter

  31. awesome giveaway :)

    I'm a follower through GFC as Claudia Mendonça =)
    email: rufigirl@gmail.com

    I would love to see more FOTDs and reviews and favourites too :)

    I twitted about that giveaway here:

    Thanks, Xoxo***

  32. hi, i'd like to read more product reviews as these are helpful in these confusing times in the beauty world. :)

    gfc: miss savealittle
    email: xxjoyexx[at]gmail.com

    thanks and happy holidays! xo

  33. I just came sailing by because I am sick and nothing is more healing for the 'poor me' emotions then surfing the net and reading new blogs ;-) And chanced upon two lovely give-aways. Wow...

    Well, I just followed you on GFC and twitter (as @DalaLuz) and tweeted your give-away: http://twitter.com/DalaLuz/status/19499691368521728

    As I am still new I don't think I can make mant insightful comments yet... I really would like to be able to follow your blog on Bloglovin' in the future, it is so much more pleasant than GFC. So if you add that function I'd be very happy!!!

    Furthermore, I love your look, but sometimes it is a bit hard to read white letters against a black background (I have very fuzzy eyes today...) so I would like to be able to reverse that. Pretty nervy for a newby, all those demands :-)

    I love to read slightly off-topic items every now and then, such as fun facts about beauty and make-up throughout history and cultures. Because I am just always curious... As I am also cheap, haha, I love DIY items, or creative out-of-the-box uses.

    And now it is time to start nosing around in your blog, hihi! Hope you are having wonderful holidays and wishing you much love, happiness, and beauty for the holidays!!!

  34. I would love to see more about beauty review and Fotd from you :)
    I followed you via Gfc : Noniek.
    I also commented at: Collective Haul: December
    I follow you on twitter : noniek99
    I tweeted :

  35. I would love to see more product reviews and also your personal opinions on many things :)

    I would love to see more pics too. For instance, I would love to see what it look like if you put lush soap into the water :)

    gfc id :quinieleong


    side bar


  36. i would like to see more tutorials or swatches because thats my favourite type of post to read.
    follower via GFC as .evil.she.devil.commented on the "How I Clean My Brushes + Makeup" post, put it in my sidebar: http://evil-she-devil.blogspot.com and tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/evilshedevil/status/20594191012732928

  37. I entered, I retweeted(I just made this twitter account) NEW:@Isis_Imani OLD:Lovable_Old_Me

    I follow your blog already,
    and your link is in my side bar(RIGHT SIDEBAR)

    P.S. I would like to see some tutorials maybe?

  38. Great giveaway!!! Congrats on 200 followers! Enter me!
    I follow your blog via GFC as Anastasia.

    I would love to see more reviews.


    my email: nastjanastja[at]mail.bg

  39. Hey Sweetie! Wow, what a stunning Giveaway! Thank you so much for thinking of us!

    I am an existing public follower of your Blog: Brittany Love

    I have linked your Giveaway in my sidebar: http://brittanylovex.blogspot.com

    My email address is: brittanylove@hotmail.co.uk

    I’m already following you on Twitter (@brittanylovexx) and have Tweeted about your Giveaway!

    Thank you again! Happy New Year Darling!

    Love Britt xxx

  40. Awesome giveaway!

    I would love to see more reviews!

    I left you two new comments.

    I added your giveaway to my giveaway tab. (Again, if this isn't okay, I understand.)

    I tweeted your giveaway: http://twitter.com/Kate_Gene/status/21724223932207104.

    Thank you!

    Kate Gene :)
    kategeneblog at gmail dot com

  41. Enter me! I follow via GFC as SkellyBones!
    Maybe you could design a new header to your blog, I always find they can really boost a blog's look :)

    I commented on your 'Review: Lush Cinders Bath Ballistic' post.

    I posted in my blog sidebar: http://midgetpixie.blogspot.com/

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/craxyfiend/status/22060011794468864


  42. I love LUSH! I would love to see more wishlists!


  43. I am an existing public follower of your Blog: miha.ela

    I have linked your Giveaway: http://arianasshop.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html

    My email address is: mihaela.mihordea(@)gmail(.)com

    Thank you! Happy New Year Darling!

  44. I hope my blog counts (as I've just started and I haven't had time to put watches on... and it's mostly in Hungarian)... I really like your blog, I can't think of any way of improving in (maybe more reviews???)

    my mail is: badorka@vipmail.hu

  45. Enter me!

    I follow you via GFC: nico
    My email: nico_19tm[at]yahoo[dot]com

    I would love to see more reviews

  46. congrats for the 200 followers!(I guess more)

    I want to enter this giveaway!

    Follow you through GFC as Mira

    I want to see some make-up tutorial..

    Tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/Ashihana/status/23691945712816128

    Blog post : http://womenswant.blogspot.com/2011/01/chrissy-dee-ten-eleven-200-followers.html

    Sidebar : http://womenswant.blogspot.com/

  47. Yay!!

    1. Tutorials would be good using new products
    2. Am going to comment after this post!
    3. Twitter is here: http://twitter.com/jadangel2001

    following as jadangel2001


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