Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Lack of posts is down to me spending 12-14 hours a day at work or getting to/from work! Boy and I are saving up to move so I'm taking on all I can get at the moment, meaning the blog is suffering big time. I'm getting round to posting a few reviews including my first impressions of Mario Badescu skincare and a tutorial for a silver smoky eye. I feel a little funny about tutorials since I don't feel like I have much to offer in the way of "teaching" but I've had a few requests for them and think they might be fun to do all the same.

Forgive me! There is a reason behind my disappearance, I'm not just being lazy.

How is everyone? Enjoying the run up to Christmas?

Be well xx


  1. we miss you but totally understand...its a crazy time of year.

  2. It's total insanity right now! Both my jobs get crazy busy this time of year. I'm really happy to have the work/extra income but I miss blogging a lot!

  3. hey dear its ok....cos every single soul is busy at this time...we understand...


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