Saturday, 23 January 2010

Tiny Lush Haul!

So I picked up a few things from Lush.


Only one thing I've never tried which is the None Of Your Beeswax lip balm. I like it so far. It's smoothing and moisturising but it leaves a weird sensation in the back of my throat. Does anyone else get this? It's also a little gritty but that soon melts away. I guess it's half way between a scrub and a balm?

I picked up THE VERY LAST BOTTLE OF SNOW FAIRY! At my Lush store that is. I'm very proud of myself. It's wonderfully sweet smelling with little sparkles in it...ultra girly. Just perfect.

Made a repurchase of the Tea Tree Water which I find works really well in conjunction with Grease Lightning and Fresh Farmacy! It's also a wonderful refresher spray.

I also repurchased Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser. I have terrible acne prone skin so this keeps any angry little buggers at bay and dries up new spots fairly quickly. I like that squeaky clean feeling so this is perfect for me. The one thing I dislike is in the winter, it can make my skin feel a little tight but once I pat on some moisturiser, I'm good to go.

I got the Creamy Candy bubble bar again because it smells amazing! I love sweet girly scents so I decided to treat myself to just one of their bath products. I LOVE using this. It makes my bathroom smell beautiful for days!

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