Sunday, 24 January 2010


Every few weeks, I get out all my makeup and disinfect everything that can be disinfected and throw out any products I need to. I have a ridiculous mascara turnover. I should just stick to buying a couple at a time. Mental note...yet again!

So I'm sat on my beach towel on my bedroom floor (I know) with all this makeup in front of me and I think..."this is insane..."

I'm thinking of having a major clear out in the same way I do every season with my clothes. Anything I haven't worn in 3 months - goes. I either sell it or give it away/donate it. I almost cried at the thought of this and I'm still massively undecided but I figure that someone else will love these products I'm not using.

Now I'm not one to collect high end makeup and only use it for special occasions. I will buy a product be it drug store or high end because I like the product or want to try it out so if I end up not using a product or forgetting about it, there's a reason for that. I don't want to hang on to things just for the sake of having a giant makeup collection.

Quite often I'll keep the boxes for things I'm unsure of (why, I don't know as you can't return used cosmetics in the UK) so I figure that although these products have been used maybe once or twice and some just swatched, they'll sell. Any products that are well used, I'll probably just sanitize and give to friends or family.

So hopefully I'll end up with more room, a little bit of pocket money and a collection I can pay more attention to and fully enjoy.

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  1. next time you have one of these clear outs think of me!! =D i love to customize old clothes and as for make?? throw it my way lol =P


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